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An Embryoscope is a brand new incubator that permits the embryologist to track embryo cell division while the embryos are within the incubator. The incubator is equipped with a camera that takes pictures of embryos at scheduled intervals. These images are later compiled to make a time-lapse film that shows the embryo’s development through every stage. By watching how and when embryos divide, our embryology team can determine whether development is occurring in a normal way.


The Embryoscope might enhance IVF outcomes compared to the standard incubator, but it hasn’t yet been proven. It provides detailed information about the embryo’s development to our embryology staff to determine embryos with the greatest chances of successful treatment. But this doesn’t guarantee the embryo will be implanted and lead to the birth of a healthy baby. Many variables can affect the results from an IVF cycle but ensuring only the best embryos can be transferred is the most important element of the process. Its innovative technology blends an ultra-modern incubation system and a high-quality camera and permits an extensive view of the embryo’s development. Monitoring the traits of the embryo’s development is crucial in helping to identify those “best embryo(s)” that will likely lead to a healthy embryo. Alongside the clinical use of time-lapse movies, every patient’s collection of movies is returned for them to keep as a unique souvenir.

The Benefits of Embryoscope

  • Provides superior image quality
  • Increases chances of getting pregnant
  • Provides additional information on the embryo
  • Controls temperature and carbon dioxide control, imitating the human womb.
  • New patients are provided with an audio recording of their infant from conception until the moment of embryo transfer.
  • Our embryologists can monitor the development of embryos unlike any other time and identify which one is suitable and healthy to be transferred.
  • Monitors and evaluates embryo growth without interruption. Contrary to traditional incubators, embryos kept inside an Embryoscope are never taken out to be examined. This decreases the risk of injury while ensuring better quality and a higher chance of a healthy pregnancy.

What is the reason for the Embryoscope?

The monitoring is 24 hours a day and prevents disturbance of the embryos during their evaluation, thus improving the environment for the cultivation and eliminating manual handling, thus reducing the chance of injuries. The time-lapse photos and videos analysis allows our embryologists to choose those embryos that have the greatest likelihood of implantation within the uterus, thus increasing the chances of having a child.

This gives parents expecting a baby the first images and videos about their new baby.

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