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Rajdeep IVF Centre - Your one-stop shop for all your sperm donor needs!

Are you looking to have children but are struggling to conceive? Can’t find the right sperm donation center in Kota?

If so, you may want to consider the services of Rajdeep IVF Centre – your one-stop shop and the right choice for Surrogacy Clinic in Kota! Our clinic specializes in helping women and couples with sperm donor options, and we can provide you with the sperm you need to get pregnant and have a family of your own.

We have over 25 years of experience in the industry, and our staff is highly trained and highly skilled at what they do.

infertility clinic in rajasthan

All About Sperm Donors

Sperm donation involves the collection of semen and its giving or donating. The fluid or thick liquid that is released during ejaculation is called semen. This procedure is used to help a couple or individual conceive a child. These sperms are stored in a controlled environment before being inseminated into the female’s reproductive system.

This is called intrauterine fertilization. In vitro fertilization is when sperm is donated to fertilize mature eggs in a laboratory. A man can either be anonymous or know the recipient who is a donor of sperm. Directed donations are those where the donor is known to the recipient.

Before donating sperms, the donor must undergo a thorough medical exam. A person should know all legal, psychological, and emotional issues that may arise from sperm donation.

Sperm Donation procedure:

You can use donor sperm in the following procedures: IUI, IVF. Only sperm samples from IVF patients tested and quarantined can be used.

IUI uses donor sperm: The sperm sample has been tested and prepared by washing it before being given to the doctor. The catheter is used to insert donor sperms into the female’s uterus during ovulation. It is painless and simple. To determine the success of this procedure, a pregnancy test will be performed within two weeks.

IVF with donor Sperm: The IVF laboratory fuses the sperm with the eggs. The embryos that result are then transferred to the uterus for an implant. Two weeks later, a pregnancy test is done to confirm the success of this procedure.

infertility clinic in rajasthan
infertility clinic in rajasthan

Why Choose Us?

Numerous couples and individuals have been able to conceive using donated sperm. The government-authorized sperm banks are where donor samples are obtained. They undergo strict quality control. According to government guidelines, the identities of sperm donors will be kept secret. You can use donor samples in an IVF cycle and an unstimulated IUI treatment.

Rajdeep IVF Centre is the best surrogacy centre in Kota because we offer various services to meet your needs. The sperm donation center in Kota gives you peace of mind knowing that you are cared for and taken care of by people who truly care about you and your needs.

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Rajdeep IVF Centre is the best surrogacy centre in Kota that offers a complete range of fertility services. Rajdeep IVF Center has experienced and qualified doctors who provide personalized care to each patient. We offer sperm donation services to couples who are unable to conceive naturally.

If you are searching for a sperm donor in Kota, contact us today!