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Hysteroscopy is visualization inside, the uterine Carity. Bu this Hysteroscopy we see any Pathology inside the uterine Carity and treat the same with Hysteroscopic Surgery.

  1. Removal of polyp or any growth
  2. Removal of Submucous tibrid or fibred inside the uterine carity
  3.  Removal of uterine septa Which divides carity into two which eads to repeated abortions
  4.  In few of congenital or problems by birth
  5. If Fallopian tubes are clade at its opening in uterine carity Hysteroscopic cannulation we can open the tubes.

Diagnostic Hysteroscopy permits the doctor to examine the shape, size, and lining of the uterus to identify any irregularities that could affect fertility or contribute to various gynecologic problems. Under anaesthesia, a small device for viewing, referred to as the hysteroscope, is placed in the vagina and then gently moved through the cervix to the uterus. A carbon dioxide solution, or liquid, is introduced through the hysteroscope to expand the uterus. When the uterus expands, the camera and light on the hysteroscope enable the doctor to view the endometrium’s structure (the lining that surrounds the uterus) and the
fallopian and ovary tubes through a video screen.

What are the advantages of Hysteroscopy?

In comparison to other, more extensive procedures, Hysteroscopy could offer the following benefits:

How secure is Hysteroscopy?

Hysteroscopy is generally a secure procedure that is relatively safe. But, like any procedure, complications can occur. Hysteroscopy related complications can occur within less than one percent of the cases and maybe:

Do You Need to Consider an Alternative to Endometrial Ablation?

A procedure called endometrial ablation can be a suitable alternative to Hysteroscopy in mothers who suffer from extreme or excessive bleeding when fibroids or any other intrauterine pathology are not suspected as the cause. It can be performed as an outpatient and is a great way to reduce bleeding.

Be aware that pap tests and pelvic examinations are necessary following endometrial ablation. Also, those with cancer of the endometrium dysmenorrhea severe, precancer (menstrual cramps), or a uterine cavity larger than 12 centimetres must avoid the procedure.

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