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Rajdeep IVF Centre / Frequently Asked Questions On IVF Fertility Treatment

Infertile couples looking for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment often have many questions regarding treatment procedure and prognosis. We have given below answers to some of commonly seen questions concerning advanced fertility treatment.

In general, birth control pills do not affect fertility. Within 1 to 2 months of stopping pills, a woman’s menstrual cycle returns to what’s considered normal for her and so does chances of getting pregnant, provided there is no abnormality.

  • Ovulation Kits for urine sample testing. Simple to use just like urine pregnancy test kits.
  • Thickening of secretions from vagina (cervical mucous test)
  • Feeling of mild fever due to slight elevation of basal body temperature. Can be accurately seen by temperature charting.

 Increasing age of a female is related to decreasing egg quality and quantity and this has everything to do with the probability that an embryo will implant. We cannot determine egg quality by looking at an egg or measuring how receptive it will be to sperm. We can test egg supply with ovarian reserve testing using hormone tests like FSH and AMH in blood and by ultrasound scanning, but we do not currently have a test for egg quality; instead, the most reliable test for egg quality is female age.
Also, with increasing age, like the problem of egg quality, there is an increased likelihood for chromosomal abnormalities to affect the eggs. Chromosomal abnormalities may affect the number of chromosomes, as in the case of Down syndrome or Turner syndrome, or the structure of chromosomes, which may show as chromosome translocation, duplication, or deletion. This again results in fertilisation failure, growth arrest of embryo, implantation failure and / or very rarely abnormality in the foetus.

No, IVF is not at all painful because the injections used for IVF are purified and injected in subcutaneous form. The egg collection process is done under light sedation which is totally painless. At the time of embryo transfer, anaesthesia is not given but it is a 2 to 5 minutes of process which hardly cause any pain.

Minimum of two clinic visits are compulsory for a couple. First, one will be counseling of the patients, factors of infertility, semen analysis, blood tests, and treatment cost, etc. The second visit will involve sonography and blood tests during the process of IVF, collect ovum, transfer of the embryo, consultation after the embryo has been transferred. Some patients also go for frozen embryo transfer where the third visit is necessary.

A patient is advised to take a pregnancy test after two weeks of IVF process that is because the fertilized egg takes time to sink in the uterus and then it will generate the pregnancy hormones which are identified by a pregnancy test.





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